Hi! My name is Greg McMillan. I sparked an interest in photography at an early age and find I am continually learning more about the various aspects of the craft. As a self-taught photographer, I rely on the endless resources available on the internet as well as the wealth of knowledge that can be gained from my peers. I joined the Owen Sound Camera Club in January 2005 and spent the 2006-07 season as President. They were not online at the time so I built them a website that has not only marked their place on the web but helped the club grow to nearly twice the size it was when I had joined. I stepped back from the leading role for a few years but took it on again for two years beginning in September of 2013. It’s not an easy task, that’s for sure, but it’s something I enjoyed doing.

I have a great interest in iPhone photography as well. The camera on the iPhone is really amazing. It takes great photos and the selection of apps that you can use to edit and share your photos is endless. In fact, I have so much fun with iPhone photography that I have sold off all of my Canon gear and have gone all-in iPhone for my photography. I have another site where I write about my personal thoughts. You can see more of my photos and such on my Flickr Photostream or my Facebook Page.

As a lifelong resident of Owen Sound and the surrounding area, I enjoy auto racing, listening to technology podcasts, and of course, photography. To capture my vision of the world as I see it, I rely on my iPhone Xs Max, a set of Moment lenses, an Opus tripod, and the many apps available that can turn everyday photos into creative works of art, most notably, Lumibee.

I’m honoured to be a co-host on the Tiny Shutter podcast where we discuss all things related to iPhone photography.  As of this writing, I’ve only a couple of episodes under my belt as a regular but iPhone photography is a very exciting space and there will always be stuff to talk about. Join us live Thursday nights at 9:30 EST by logging on to Mixlr and catch up on past episodes on iTunes or the Tiny Shutter website. There is a great community on their Facebook Group and Instagram is the home of tons of iPhone photos by people using the hashtag “#tinyshutter”.

In 2018 I finally realized my dream of publishing a book about my iPhone photography. I struggled with how to go about it because my first thought was to write about how to DO iPhone photography, but the medium is constantly changing, apps change, the phones themselves change with new releases every year. Then I had an epiphany. I would tell my story about my journey when I made the transition from traditional photography to iPhoneography. Every page has a photo on it that was taken with one of the iPhones I’ve owned since starting with the 4s. The book is available on the Apple Books Store and is available in 51 countries.